Part of the limbic system. It's from the greek word for seahorse because it looks like one.

Helps consolidate information from short term memory to long term memory. I'm trying to get it to do its job by writing everything down in this wiki instead of just reading it. Also related to spatial memory. Lives in the temporal lobe.

Is the thing that gets broken first by alzheimers, which is why you lose short term memory first. Its neuron cells of different types are neatly organized into layers, so it has frequently been used as an example for studying neurophysiology. This is the thing that gets damaged when you have the Memento disease.

It has high levels of glucocorticoid receptors. That means it responds a lot to stress, and takes damage when you have long term stress aka depression. So people who have been traumatized or had severe depression have trouble remembering things because of the hippocampus.